About Us
About Us
"Nerd World Report" is a radio program that airs Saturday nights from 9:00 until midnight PST.

"Kern News Talk" 1180AM is our home station based in Bakersfield, California.  You can listen to us live on the web @ KERNRadio.com.  Additionally, feel free to follow us on Facebook or on Twitter @askmrkern.

Despite the fact that we are on an A.M. station, the show is not political.  Nor is it about gardening, or pet care... though you are free to call the show and ask about any of those topics, hence the name:  "Nerd Wrold Report."
We do talk about movies, the internet, comic books, television shows, video games and just about everything else regarding pop culture.
Our cast of characters includes…
Host: Hop.
TV Critic: HERCULES THE STRONG from "Ain't It Cool News"

Our Special Guests Contributors...

Comic Book Jon

Show Producer: Sparky

Plus you
: The animals/savages that call our beloved show.